Push Pull Open is a presentation of smaller sculptural objects self-curated by the artists. Push the button on the Multimedia Home and hear “thank you”, Pull the luggage handle and an alarm sounds, Open the cabinet and another alarm sounds. Expressionist Foam Paintings and Aesthetic Light Bright Ideas complete the composition, creating a commentary on the nuclear family, fear, the ubiquity of certain art movements, and the service industry.

Riffing on the Lifestyle craze of the later 1990s and turn of the millennium, Borins and Marman present an array of smaller works that refer to the domestic, the designed and the efficient industry of service and commodity production. Contained within resin-coated frames, the Expressionist Foam Painting alludes to the works of Jackson Pollack. However, the foam that the artists use, has nothing to do with painting, it is in fact under-carpet padding. Aesthetic Light Bright Ideas illustrates the propensity of Borins and Marman to formulate juxtapositions using ready-made materials. Reworking a kitchen light by adding a plexi-glass form to its design, the artists place a row of Ikea batteries on top of the light. The notion of juxtaposition is addressed, for the batteries do not power the lights. Borins and Marman purposefully create an object that functions within the realm of design, alluding to the concept of art forms that lose their autonomy to the sphere of the domestic and the commercial. The Multimedia Home symbolizes the fast-food world of the service industry, and its promise of instant gratification.