Jennifer Marman and Daniel Borins have practiced sculpture, installation and media art in Toronto since 2000. Jennifer Marman is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario. Daniel Borins is a graduate of McGill University. Both Marman and Borins are also graduates of the Ontario College of Art and Design.

The work of Marman and Borins is often intervention based - situating the visual arts within the context of everyday life, while simultaneously referring to aspects of the history of twentieth century art. Their projects identify tensions that arise in the politicization, historicization, and visuality of the artwork, often within the context of mass visual language, mass media, consumerism, and the way in which images circulate in the information age.

Recent examples of their work have been shown in both the museum and public spheres. In 2009 Marman and Borins completed a commission for a large-scale interactive work for the Martin Prosperity Institute, headed by renowned urban theorist Richard Florida. In the fall of 2008 Marman and Borins participated in a group sculpture show at the National Gallery of Canada entitled Caught in the Act. Recently, Marman and Borins finished touring their solo exhibition entitled The Collaborationists.

Marman and Borins' work is in the collection of the National Gallery of Canada, The Art Gallery of Ontario, and the Art Gallery of Hamilton.